It’s summer 1889 in the Umbrian countryside near Assisi in Italy… It’s hot, very hot and Amanti’s family is reunited on the terrace in the shade of the olive trees of the family estate, in the middle of vineyards, around the mamma. A happy atmosphere…


Anna D’Amanti has transmitted to her children the taste of the tradition of good things, well done… Thus from mother to daughter, the original recipes were transmitted.

The eldest of the family opened a few years later an Italian coffee in Foligno near Assisi where she served Italian ice cream in palettas, accompanied by original

sandwich pastries

all crowned by the tasting of ‘a good coffee of pure origin for adults and a good cold or hot chocolate for children.

She also passed on her manufacturing secrets to her daughter and then from mother to daughter, the secrets of manufacturing have crossed the border and are today in France, Spain thanks to the descendants of Anna d’Amanti.

The requirement is the key word of BONITA SANDWICH. Each new recipe is the subject of research and special attention in the greatest respect of the Italian tradition.

Each ingredient is drastically selected to offer CROISSANT, SANDWICH, COFFEES, SMOOTHIE and ice cream quality, without any added industrial product.

Like Anna d’Amanti, BONITA SANDWICH works with passion in the respect of the consumer and carefully selects quality organic raw materials such as seasonal fruits, organic milk, fresh cream… without using hydrogenated vegetable fat.






To consolidate its position as leader BONITA SANDWICH wanted to appeal to the talents of the French know-how in pastry to offer a tasting of French crescent and fresh bread.

Thus Alain Benedicte and Tugdual put their know-how to use by deciding to open the first BONITA SANDWICH in Florida at Bonita Spring in the province of Naples.

Support in their approach by the decorator Bénédicte, and by Fabienne the direct descendant of the Amanti Family who is a naturopath developing fruit juices, vegetable juices and food alliances.

The four entrepreneurs turned to a multi-disciplinary team to build this

Sandwich shop

organic natural food project in Florida at Bonita Spring on US 41.

Their successful experiences in several countries have made it possible to draw up specifications on the fruit, vegetable, coffee, tea, chocolate, flour and flour supply chain by making agreements with local producers in order to guarantee traceability of purchased products.

BENEDICTE and ALAIN have created different concepts of taverna, Coffee house, Glacier in Europe and Central America. Bonita Sandwich is a franchise created by our family

All products sold at BONITA SANDWICH are selected according to these criteria, which explains that the products are available according to the arrivals and the seasons.


All BONITA SANDWICH can prepare catering trays for croissants, sandwiches in the office, meeting, at the beach and around the pool with friends.